• 1st Category:
  • Aqeedah: Creed.
  • Bid'ah: An innovation or novelty; in this book it refers to religious innovations.
  • Dinar & Dirham: A type of money.
  • Fareedhah: An obligatory act of worship.
  • Fitnah: Trial, strife and tribulation.
  • Hadeeth: Prophetic Tradition.
  • Hawdh: The Pool which Allah, the Exalted, has granted our Prophet on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever drinks from it once, would never feel thirsty again.
  • Hudood: Castigatory punishments in Islam.
  • Hukum: Ruling.
  • Ijtihaad: In general, it is the exertion of effort. In this book it refers to exertion of one's effort to reach a ruling in an issue.
  • I'tikaaf: In general, it refers to seclusion. I'tikaaf is an act of worship whereby the person secludes himself in the Masjid and worships Allah.
  • Iman: Belief.
  • Jannah: This is the Heavenly Abode or Heavenly Gardens which Allah grants the pious slaves in the Hereafter. It is mistranslated as 'Paradise'.
  • Kufr: Disbelief.
  • Nafl: Supererogatory acts of worship.
  • Shaitan: Satan.
  • Shari'ah: Islamic Jurisprudential Law.
  • Shirk: Associating partners with Allah.
  • Sunnah: Has more than one meaning. It may refer to:
    1. Prophetic Traditions.
    2. Rulings; i.e. it would then mean that the act is endorsed by the Sunnah.
  • Taraweeh: Night prayers, which are prayed during Ramadhan.
  • Taqwah: Piety.
  • Ummah: Nation.
  • Wali: The pious, god-fearing, upright Muslim, who is mindful of Allah, observes acts of worship, and abstains from the unlawful.